Blazing Fast Data Center Services at Jaipur Data Center

We recently had the pleasure of working for a German-based film unit that was shooting their film project in Jaipur, India. They needed a reliable source to transfer their valuable film data to their Editing Works Division in Germany and approached Jaipur Data Center to take on this project.

The film crew shot all day and into the wee hours of the night, storing their film on a 1 TB sized hard disk provided by us. We received audio and video data files well after midnight, with sizes ranging from 20-25 GB. We then quickly transferred their data servers to Germany overnight, reaching the Editing Works Division the next morning with data swiftly and securely docked into their Data Center well in advance of opening.

The German Film Director quoted in wonderment, "It is an amazing feat undertaken by JDC".

At Jaipur Data Center, we are available for all kinds of small and large data transfers for clients ranging from small, medium and mega sized businesses, including: media houses, film production units, universities and etc. We can handle the transfer of any amount of data that you can imagine, no matter the size we the right experts for the job.

We ensure superior performance levels through our secure and state-of-the-art environment for transferring large data. Our cutting edge facilities run around the clock (24*7*365) to bring you professional services that reach all corners of the globe.


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