Private and Public Cloud Hosting Servers

What is Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud server hosting, also called cluster hosting,is a service that is derived from a group or cluster of servers that are all connected together to increase the capacity of resources like: memory, CPU and bandwidth. Often these hosting servers are located in data centers scattered around the world and through cloud hosting users can utilize full resources from all of them.

Private cloud server hosting is infrastructure that is operated solely for one organization.

Public cloud server hosting is infrastructure that is operated for many organizations and made available to the general public.

Key Features of Cloud Hosting Services

  • Save money with features like superior processing speed, power, memory and hard drives that are all shared so you are billed only for the resources that you use.
  • Better uptime than any other traditional hosting options because your website uses resources from other servers in case one is down.
  • Spikes in traffic are easily handled without putting your site down like other hosting options do.
  • Fully scalable servers and resources that can easily be added and subtracted any time without any disturbance. This type of flexibility provides you with more control over your budget as you can adjust it the way you want.
  • Fully integrated technology that can make two different technologies work together, such as .php and .asp files, making it possible to draw on technologies from any of the servers within the cloud. 
  • No hardware installation required, as you can directly be connected with any of the hardware and software within this network of the servers. 


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