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Colocation Services
Store your company's applications, web and mail servers at another location rather than your own place of business.
Dedicated Servers
Are you tired of the low bandwidth, low disc space, down-time of your website, poor power supply and low resources? Then, most probably your website is hosted on a shared server, this is the right time to move to dedicated server hosting option.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is the process to preparing for recovery and continuation of technology infrastructure after a natural or human-induced disaster.


Server Colocation Services India | Colocation Server Hosting

Server colocation is a service which allows you to store your company's applications, web and mail servers at another location rather than keeping them at your own place of business.This will allow you to manage your business performance rather than managing equipment. At Jaipur Data Center, we provide your server with high-speed redundant support and give you complete control and access over your co-located server.

Jaipur Data Center offers Server Colocation Services with world class data center facilities, highly secure environment, redundant network & power connectivity, priority technical support, and security/network operations center.

Benefits of Server Colocation Services

  • Best value for your money with superior colocation mechanism that includes data center, bandwidth, IP address, redundant power supply, and top rated infrastructure support.
  • Sufficient bandwidth for instant access to the internet which makes it possible for your business to be able to handle the online traffic that comes to your website.
  • Big data is more easily managed because data has the ability to be in more than one place at one time. 
  • Save time by being able to easily reboot or reinstall your server yourself if it is needed.
  • Superior uptime and maintenance of your system allows you to monitor the connection and make it steady from the main system.
  • We ensure the completion of work with the help of all the required tools and equipment.
  • Secure and excellent network access is ensured by the temperature regulator; which prevents the servers from overheating. 
  • Receive access to numerous monitoring tools, with our Server Colocation Service, that will help you manage your website.

At Jaipur Data Center we offer plenty of flexibility in colocation services. Whatever your requirement, small or large, we have a suitable option for your business. We offer private rooms, full racks and shared racks.


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