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Colocation Services
Store your company's applications, web and mail servers at another location rather than your own place of business.
Dedicated Servers
Are you tired of the low bandwidth, low disc space, down-time of your website, poor power supply and low resources? Then, most probably your website is hosted on a shared server, this is the right time to move to dedicated server hosting option.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is the process to preparing for recovery and continuation of technology infrastructure after a natural or human-induced disaster.


Get Linux VPS Hosting - Affordable & Configurable VPS Plans


1499/- Mo
  • Hard Drive 40 GB SATA
  • RAM 1 GB DDR - 3
  • Opertaing System Linux
  • Bandwidth 200 GB


2499/- Mo
  • Hard Drive 80 GB SATA
  • RAM 2 GB DDR - 3
  • Opertaing System Linux
  • Bandwidth 250 GB


3999/- Mo
  • Hard Drive 120 GB SATA
  • RAM 4 GB DDR - 3
  • Opertaing System Linux
  • Bandwidth 300 GB


9999/- Mo
  • Hard Drive
  • Sata
  • RAM
  • Opertaing System Linux
  • Bandwidth

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Learn More About Linux VPS Features

Linux is an open-source operating system that can be installed on web hosting servers. Many servers run Microsoft operating systems, but some businesses believe that Linux is a more secure and reliable option and prefer to choose a web hosting service that runs Linux.

It is ideal for web designers, developers or anyone who wants to use open-source programming languages such as PHP, Perl and MySQL. Linux VPS hosting is a complete server solution ideal for web and email hosting, application development, testing and other IT solutions. Linux VPS Hosting gives you Reliability,Performance and power at Affordable Prices.

Key Features of Using Linux VPS Hosting


Linux is an open source operating system that costs web hosts $0 in licensing fees; allowing you to freely download and use Linux at no cost.

Increased Reliability

Linux servers and the applications installed on them can be heavily optimized to use less system resources. The cPanel for VPS even has a VPS optimized feature that ensures the use of the least amount of resources including RAM as far as possible.

Supports the Most Popular Technology

A Linux VPS fully supports LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. With LAMP, you will have the capabilities to serve websites from content in a database and even do URL rewriting to make PHP pages appear more user friendly.

Easy Conversion

A website that is making the use of Linux web hosting can easily be converted into a Windows platform if one wishes to do so. This is a lot harder to do in the reverse case. In addition, it is easier to make changes on a website running on the Linux platform when the website grows.

Database Support

Linux supports many databases and they are relational by nature, and permit vastly optimized communication with your website for rapid reclamation of data.


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