JaipurDatacenter India provides you with supporting components necessary for continuity of your online business. These services are available with powerful, reliable and redundant servers at our Jaipur based data center in India.

Here is the list of services that we provide with:

  • Colocation Services India:-Server Colocation is a service which allows you to store your company's applications, web and mail servers at another location rather than keeping them at your own place of business. It provides your server with a high-speed redundant support.
  • Dedicated Servers India:- Other than shared server in dedicated server your website doesn't share the resources with other websites, you have the freedom and flexibility to grow your website without being affected by other websites on the same server.
  • DR Site India & automatic failover location India:- Disaster recovery is the process to preparing for recovery and continuation of technology infrastructure  after a natural or human-induced disaster. At our DRsite & automated failover location India we offer our High availability systems which keep both the data and system replicated off-site, enabling continuous access to you systems and data in case of disaster. In this scenario our stand-by site works as DRsite and  our systems works as automate failover servers in India for you.
  • VPS hosting India:- A virtual private server or VPS/VDS  is a method of partitioning one physical server into multiple servers.VPS hosting is the best option that contains all the features of dedicated hosting at lower prices.
  • Private and Public cloud:- Cloud server hosting is a service that is derived from a group or cluster of servers that are all connected together to increase the capacity of resources like; Memory, CPU, bandwidth.
  • Windows HPC Servers :- It is particularly planned for use in compute-intensive server workloads and high-end applications that require high performance computing clusters.
  • Linux HPC Servers:- Unlike other traditional HPC methods Linux HPC cluster provides countless variables and transaction to the cluster developer and user both.


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